Of course, masks DO NOT PROTECT against any virus. They are a replacement for disposable masks.
Cosmetic mask, reusable, protective. Perfect for nail stylists, eyelash stylists and other industries.

A single layer.
Two PM 2.5 filters are included with each mask for free!

ADJUSTABLE, elastic bands are tied to a universal width, if you have a smaller or larger mouth, just pull it out of the tunnel and tie / sew it your way, remember to put the knot back into the tunnel so that it doesn’t disturb 🙂

For hygienic reasons and the prevailing epidemic of coronavirus, we do not accept returns or exchanges of masks purchased. We ask for thoughtful shopping, it’s all for your safety!

Material composition:
+ Single-colored color – cotton fabric: 35% cotton / 65% polyester
(washing temperature 60 degrees), weight 170

+ Folk white and black – 100% cotton (washing temperature 40 degrees), weight 140

+ Patterns (Cookies/ Animal / Tropical / Panther/ Moro / Red Lips / Pink Lips) – 100% polyester
(you can breathe through them the same way as through cotton) (washing temperature 40 degrees), weight 180