Roubloff Oval Acrylic Brush #8 (Natural Kolinsky) AK33R


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Professional brush for acrylic .

Made of 100% natural Kolinsky hair.

It forms long and beautiful nail.

This brush is aimed to spread acrylic evenly and smoothly.

  • Oval shape
  • Size #8 makes building nails much faster
  • Not too big so it won’t absorb too much monomer
  • The tip that doesn’t split is the most important feature of a good nail brush. It’s stiff but springy and very precise. It will make all the difference when applying the product in the cuticle area and modelling a smile line.
  • Tight belly quickly creates the structure of the nail. It doesn’t spread and has a stable pressure point.
  • This brush won’t turn the French tip yellow.

In stock

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