Mont Bleu Cuticle Nippers, Stainless Steel 3 mm

Mont Bleu Cuticle Nippers, Stainless Steel 3 mm


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About the product

  • Manufactured and engineered to perfection
  • Made from stainless steel for long lasting, regular use. Durable and anti-corrosive
  • Extra fine, sharp blades permitting ultra-precise cuticle cutting with 3 mm cutting edge
  • Cut cuticles easily and cleanly, as well as treat ingrowing toe nails effectively thanks to extra fine jaws
  • Attractive, polished surface and 10 cm in length, with spring mechanism, these cuticle nippers are an essential part of a nail care tool kit

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Mont Bleu Cuticle Nippers, Spring Mechanism, made of Stainless Steel

Product description

Size: Jaw 3 mm / 0.11″ inches

Perfect nippers for perfect cuticles

Tools which are made for precise usage are typically engineered with precision themselves, and that’s what Mont Bleu have achieved with these excellent hand crafted, stainless steel cuticle nippers.

Long-lasting elegance, now with a Spring Mechanism

Owners of these beautiful brushed items can expect a lifetime’s use, such is the high quality of the workmanship and durable nature of the materials used. These Mont Bleu cuticle nippers are also anti-corrosive, meaning they are capable of standing up to the often damp environments of bathrooms, making them a hard wearing inclusion in any toiletry bag. Their 10 cm / 3.94” inches length makes them easily carried and ideal for travelling and economic storage.

When it comes to the cutting, the nippers have the sharp and extra fine blades needed for ultra-effective cuticle cutting, with a 3 mm blade capable of removing unwanted cuticles quickly, accurately and cleanly, and also being useful for the treatment of ingrowing toe nails

Quality stainless steel finish, made to last

A lifetime guarantee on the blade means that this is an item which can be passed down through generations, and will always be a useful and attractive addition to nail care kits. For those that are unaccustomed to using a cuticle nipper, the precision afforded by Mont Bleu’s superb design and manufacturing makes treating your nails with them a pleasure rather than a chore.

As perfect for a gift as it is for a personal purchase these Mont Bleu cuticle nippers are a product you can cherish for years to come, relying on their efficient operation every time you wish to give your nails some tender loving care. You can put your faith in this trusty yet stylish premium tool.

Mont Bleu:
A manufacturer of crystal nail files has almost 15 years’ experience in keeping the quality bar on highest level of customer satisfaction. Mont Bleu manicure sets are a combination of latest technology and renowned craftsmanship.
Scissors are made in Premana, a region in Italy renowned for producing high-end blades and cutting instruments.

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